Coolest Kids Party On The Island!

Base Birthday Party

Our base birthday package includes:

  • 90 minute birthday party for up to 12 children (including birthday star)
  • Birthday star and party guests will record one song from suggested list provided
  • Party host to assist with recording and party
  • Personalized CD playlist. With recorded birthday song and 9 additional songs picked by birthday star
  • Party room including tables and chairs
  • Digital Personalized Invitations
  • Table covers, cups, plates, napkins, etc.
  • Pizza and juice boxes for children
  • ¼ sheet Cake (vanilla or chocolate)
  • Unedited pictures from party – will be emailed via download link after the party
  • Personalized Rock Star T-shirt for birthday child – received day of party
Party Add-ons

Additional party items can be added on a-la--carte:

  • Additional party guests (18 kid max): $15 per child
  • Additional Party ½ hour: $50
  • Edited video of birthday party and edited pictures: $150
  • Personalized t-shirts for entire party - $150
  • Framed Magazine Cover photo of birthday child - $10
Additional Info

  • After booking, our birthday party planner will contact you to confirm details of the birthday child’s party (song, invitations, add-ons, decoration needs, etc.)

So, what actually happens at the party?

  • Fun happens! Upon arrival at the studio, kids can check out the studio, listen to music and dance. During a brief tutorial, they’ll learn what to expect during the recording session, studio etiquette and some tricks of the trade. All singers will record the same song chosen by the birthday star together in small groups. And the birthday star does a solo.

  • Kids get the experience of a real recording session while having fun with their friends!!!!

  • After the song has been recorded, the engineer will edit, mix and burn personalized CDs. CD jackets will include Birthday Rockstar’s name, age, and photo.

  • After the recording, we’ll have a Pizza Party and Cake.

How many kids are allowed to come? How many adults?

  • Our maximum number of kids is 18. This is a drop-off party and we ask that there be no more than 6 or 7 adults in the studio during the party. We realize that all parents want to see this unique party, but we want everyone to be comfortable while they are here. We’ll be happy to guide the parents/adults to some cool places in the area.

Does everyone get a CD?

  • Yes! Every singer will receive a CD. How cool is that?

What are the age limits for this party?

  • Although some kids were born to rock, we suggest they be at least 7.

It’s not my birthday, can I just come in and sing?

  • Yes! You don’t have to have a party. We’re a real recording studio too!

Can Grown-ups have parties at the studio?

  • Yes! We’ve had many amazing parties here for Rockstars of all ages. Call to discuss possibilities and options.

What is your cancellation refund policy?

  • No shows will not receive a refund. If you must cancel your party, the earlier you notify us the better it is for us to work with you in rescheduling your party. Minimum 1 week notice is required for cancellation and re-booking. If there are inclement weather conditions, we will work with you on selecting a new date for your party.